Mill Valley Snomobile Club

Trail Conditions as of January 4, 2018

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Trailwork for the season is finished. A great big THANKS to everyone who gave up part of their weekends and helped repair bridges, pull rocks and stumps, clear new trails. We'd especially like to thank those who donated money and materials for bridge and trail upgrades, a nd a special thanks to members of other clubs who don't ride our trails but came to help us out.!  

TThe "Storm" left less than what was needed to open the trails.


Please watch out for our groomers. They're volunteers keeping the trails in shape for your pleasure.

Massachusetts law states that 4 inches of PACKED snow is required for trails to be legally open.

The Mill Valley Snowmobile Club fully supports 323 CMR 3.00 Section 3.03 Item 6 (see link below)





Massachusetts Snow Cover Law Extract

Full CMR 323 here