The Latest Trails Update: Jamuary 4, 2018

The trail to Rt. 9 has been changed due to housing. The trail will now take you to the town dump part of the trail and then back to Rt.9 Please observe the new trail network and look for the signs.

TRAIL NORTH: The new trails on Cowle's property has been cut and meets up with the top of the old trail

TRAIL SOUTH: The trail has been cleared of brush cut on the Swift River side of 181 and the bridges have been repaired. The trail to the trestle crossing has been brush cut and cleared. Trails from the sand pits to the former UMass Forest has been brush cut and cleared. The Jabish Brook bridge was repaired. The trail behind Northeast Treaters has been repaired. The bridge off RT 202 by the courthouse has been widened and completely re-decked, and several large rocks were removed.

SIGNS: There are various spots on our trails that could use just one or two signs to help make things clear to everyone. Directional arrows seem to be missing. So if everyone just puts up one sign, that would be a big help. Contact Ron Sansoucy about asign availability.

SOUTHERN LOOP: The hill behind Mill Valley Golf Course has been fixed and is now passable.

MUNSELL ROAD: There is now a NEW trail around the houses in this area.

"KEEP OFF THE FIELDS" when passing through the Wildlife Management Area. Failure to stay on the trails will be cause to lose the use of the area.

PLEASE - Help keep the snow banks down where the trails cross he highways and roadways.

SAFETY TIP: The MOST DANGEROUS sections of the trails are where they cross the highways, Two of these "danger spots" are on the Springfield Road crossing and the Rt. 181 crossing. If you live near these crossing locations, please check to make sure all STOP signs are up and visible. If you need signs, contact Ron Sansoucy.


The parking lot on George Hannum Road is the only authorized parking area. The lot is being plowed on a regular basis by club volunteers, not the town. Please allow time after a snow event to give these volunteers time to clear the lot.